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    TILE is the world's largest conversation series, aiming to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs, innovators, and founders through facilitating access to the world's brightest minds.


    We have grown to over 400 student-run chapters in over 50 countries in just a few years, but we need your help to take TILE to the next level.


    As a non-profit, we rely on your donations to continue to empower students today. Your support goes to marketing and community efforts, as well as launching new initiatives.


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  • Donating to TILE helps us:

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    Continue to onboard and support chapters.

    Your support will directly go towards keeping the cost of a chapter free and enabling us to send equipment and resources to the chapters that need them.

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    Help youth attend college.

    30% of all donations raised will go directly to a scholarship fund to help underprivileged members of the TILE community attend college.

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    Launch our new initiatives.

    Some of the new initiatives we want to launch include:

    - TILE Fellowship - a free program for TILE community members that helps them become entrepreneurs through 1-1 mentoring, weekly programming, and a personal development stipend.

    - Virtual Summit - our attempt to bring together the TILE community in a online summit consisting of TILE talks and panels.

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