Tap into insights from 2,000+ students in over 300 cities and 46 countries.

    • Your Gen Z questions, answered.

      PANELS by TILE® offers hyper-targeted perspectives, ideas, and revelations from youth across the planet, enabling accurate decisionmaking and providing deeper, broader, and more diverse insights than any competing consultancy.

    • Access 50+ universities and 300+ high schools, including:


      University of Pennsylvania
      Duke University
      University of Michigan
      Northeastern University
      The College of William and Mary
      King's College London
      University of Virginia
      University of Connecticut
      Babson College

      Villanova University
      Baruch College

      Pennsylvania State University

      UNC Charlotte




      University of Indiana, Bloomington
      University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
      Georgia Institute of Technology
      UNC Chapel Hill
      Ohio State University
      University of Wisconsin, Madison

      North Carolina Central University
      SUNY Binghamton
      UMass Amherst




      Yale University
      University College London
      New York University
      Hunter College
      Stony Brook University
      UC Santa Barbara
      UC Irvine
      Fordham University
      Wingate University
      Harvard College

      University of Washington
      UC Davis
      UNC Greensboro

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      Add diverse perspectives to your marketing, product development, and decision-making. Embed PANELS in ideation, product testing, PR, and strategy.

      For news organizations.

      Unprecedented access to real and unbiased knowledge, stories, and beliefs. PANELS provides sources, statistics, and viewpoints that truly matter, helping stories stand out.

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