• The nitty-gritty.

    What is TILE?

    TILE is the world's largest conversation series. Started by high school students in Portland, Oregon, TILE is a worldwide network of independent student-run chapters hosting free, accessible conversations with fascinating people. We hope to inspire the use of innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurship as a force for good, and TILE chapters are encouraged to host conversations with individuals who reflect the pinnacle of ethical and thoughtful behavior. Consider a donation to TILE.

    What are TILE talks?

    TILE talks are the free events that chapters organize and operate. Each season has a few events taking place one weekday evening a month. Each event features a 30-40 minute on-stage interview with a local innovator, leader, or entrepreneur, followed by 20-30 minutes of questions from the audience. Watch a sample TILE talk here.

    How many people does it take?

    Each chapter typically has a core team of three people: the Content Coordinator, responsible for the speakers; the Logistics Coordinator, responsible for the event space and day-of-event volunteers; and the Marketing Coordinator, responsible for developing and implementing a marketing plan. Every core team role is equally important and requires commitment. Starting and operating TILE talks requires no monetary investment and can be done by anyone in the world. In fact, chapter leaders can earn a stipend by securing local sponsors for their TILE chapter.

  • TILE + Crimson Education

    Crimson is the most awarded admissions consultancy in the world and has helped students carve a path into the best US universities, in the face of intense competition. Crimson’s Strategy Consultants develop bespoke programs for each of their students, which maximize their strengths and builds them the strongest profile possible. We're proud to have Crimson Education as our 2018-2019 sponsor.

  • Mohammed's story.

    In September 2017, TILE helped 18-year-old Mohammed Al-Adlani escape the war zone in Sana'a, Yemen. Read his story here.

  • The people behind TILE.

    Founder and President

    Founding board member

    Chief Executive Officer

    Vincent Xu

    Global Director of Chapter Management

    Neet Dhabalia

    Global Director of Chapter Management

    Rajiv Swamy

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Mac Haughey

    Chief Financial Officer

    Rishika Nayak

    External Relations

    David Spiro

    CMO, AllMed

    Founding board member

    Henry Hooper

    Teacher, Lincoln High School

    Founding board member

    Brett Schilke

    Director of Impact, Singularity University

    Advisory board member

    Chris DeWolfe

    Co-founder, MySpace + Jam City

    Advisory board member

    Craig Masback

    Former CEO, US Track & Field

    Advisory board member

    Jamie Berry

    Foundation and Corporate Relations, Young Life

    Advisory board member

    Jodi Walder-Biesanz

    Independent College Counselor

    Advisory board member

    Joshua Rozario

    Founder, Mindshare Digital

    Advisory board member

    Lara Stein

    Founder, TEDx

    Advisory board member

    Lauren Rinkey

    Adjunct Professor, USC

    Advisory board member

    Peyton Chapman

    Principal, Lincoln High School

    Advisory board member

  • Our Regional Directors.

    If you're a chapter leader and are interested in becoming a regional director, please reach out at info@tile.org!

    Andrew Lee

    Northeast Regional Director

    Kanishk Nazareth

    Northeast Regional Director

    Ruby Zhang

    Northeast Regional Director

    Mac Haughey

    Southeast Regional Director

    Anusha Puri

    Southeast Regional Director

    Tiger Du

    West Regional Director

    Jatin Suri

    West Regional Director

    Kushal Shah

    West Regional Director

    Neet Dhabalia

    Northeastern Regional Director

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